The Role of the Quran in a Muslim’s Daily Life

The Role of the Quran in a Muslim's Daily Life

Discover why the Quran is important for a Muslim in their daily life in this captivating PowerPoint presentation created by Samia Ahmed. This engaging teaching resource is specially designed for children with striking visual aid. It aims to shed light on the profound significance of the Quran in the daily lives of Muslims.

Through colorful visuals, interactive activities, and insightful explanations, children will embark on an exploration of the Quran’s teachings, its role in shaping Muslim traditions, and its universal messages of peace, compassion, and guidance. Samia Ahmed has simplified complex concepts making this presentation a valuable tool for educators, parents, and young learners alike.

Let your curiosity lead the way as we delve into the Quran’s wisdom, and the enduring impact it has on millions of lives worldwide. This resource is an aid for fostering further understanding about the Islamic faith.

Download the powerpoint presentation here:


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