Samia Ahmed

Family Events

Samia joined Utrujj in 2003 and has held various leadership and managerial positions over the years. Presently, she is in charge of organising family events in London and sits on the management board.
Having graduated in Bsc Hons in Management and Systems, Samia also holds a Masters in Islamic Studies. Samia was instrumental in establishing the Tajweed centre, where she taught beginner classes under the guidance of Shaykh Marwan and Shaykh Haytham.
Continuing her educational journey. Samia is the founder of Blossoming Believers where she dedicates her time to teaching children Islamic topics online and writing books and resources.
Residing in London with her husband and two children, Samia is deeply involved in both her professional and personal pursuits.

Ayesha Khan

Head of Operations

Growing up, Ayesha felt frustrated that she could not comprehend the Qur'an when she read its English translation. Along her journey, since 2013, she has been blessed with the opportunity to study the exegesis of the Qur'an with Shaykh Haytham Tamim. Having experienced its transformational power she is keen to share this knowledge with others and takes pleasure in writing her reflections on the Qur'an .

Ayesha read English at Oxford University. She has a love of languages and adventure and has travelled the world extensively. She is married and lives in London with her husband and children.

Dr. Saania Bhatti

Medical Advisor & Regular Classes

Saania has been a volunteer with Utrujj since 2001. She has been the main advisor to Shaykh Haytham Tamim on all medical matters. She's currently responsible for organising a regular ladies only tafseer class in North London.

Saania is a GP by profession; a master practitioner of NLP and a strategic health coach. Saania loves to empower people to fulfil their potential in all aspects of life. She is also a home educating parent.

Saania lives in London with her husband and four children.

Zahra Hrifa


Zahra joined Utrujj in 2008 and was instantly attracted to the unique and balanced teaching style of Shaykh Haytham Tamim. Since this time, Zahra has been a regular student and has assisted Utrujj with various projects and retreats.

Zahra has a degree in law from the Sorbonne University in Paris and a Masters in Public International Law and International Organisations. She has worked for the charitable sector for 5 years and is now working in the legal sector.

Zahra loves learning, travelling, and is based in London.

Ayesha Malik

Family Events

Ayesha first experienced Utrujj in 2001 as a student of knowledge. She later was responsible for coordinating the Tajweed Centre, organising the delivery of Tajweed courses in Central London as well as online private tuition. In recent years, Ayesha has supported in organising a number of Utrujj courses and family events in London.

Ayesha is a qualified Time to Think Coach & Facilitator and lives in London with her husband and four children.

Abu Ibrahim Shama


Abu Ibrahim Shama has been a close student of Shaykh Haytham Tamim since 2003. He has been a guest speaker with Utrujj on a number of occasions.

Abu Ibrahim has a Masters from Queen Mary in IT and a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Previously he worked for various management consultancies for 7 years, and currently works in the teaching profession at a London secondary school.

Abu Ibrahim has trained as a life coach and spent the past few years researching and writing. He is currently living in London with his family.

Dr Madiha Sharaf


Madiha's first experience of Utrujj was during the Summer Beehive in 2004. Since then she has kept coming back as an avid student of knowledge and has supported Utrujj as an administrative assistant. She currently volunteers some of her time for transcribing recorded and online courses.

Madiha is a final year GP trainee and after getting married moved to Luxembourg. The online course format allows her to keep attending Utrujj courses from further afield.

Nimni Sultana

Content Creator

I started attending Utrujj in 2009,
And was totally mesmerised by the motto and hadith “The example of the believer who reads the Qur’an and applies it is like the ‘Utrujjah’ (a type of orange). It has a nice smell and a sweet taste.’ (Bukhari)
Since then the journey of self development and knowledge with Utrujj has been unparalleled.
My background is in dentistry and I work as a Dental Hygiene Therapist.
Besides dentistry, I enjoy reading, cooking, and traveling. I’m a city girls and a proud Londoner and also enjoy giving people a tour of central London.
I am also actively involved in the dawah field and volunteer for other organisations.


Supporters & Advisors

Utrujj has many other volunteers, supporters and advisors that support our services as required.