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June 2021

London, United Kingdom
hadith class

Monday Hadith Class (taught in Arabic)

What is being covered? Shaykh Haytham Tamim teaches a selection of hadith from Bulugh al Maram min Adillat al Ahkam by Ibn Hajar al Asqalani. This class is taught in Arabic. When is the class? Friendly class every Monday 7-8pm ONLINE via ZOOM and Live on Youtube Please contact info@utrujj.org to join. What will you study? Shaykh Haytham analyses the literal meaning of a hadith, and its spiritual implications, as well as its relevance to our lives. Deducing its key themes and concepts, he derives essential lessons for all Muslims. He also gives the fascinating biographies of the narrators and the context of the hadith and how they link to our reality. He highlights the relevant rulings and etiquettes, as well as the difference between cultural and the Islamic practices. Who was Ibn Hajar al Asqalani? Ibn Hajar was a medieval Islamic scholar  (d.852AH= 1449AD) whose contribution to the science of hadith is colossal. He wrote about 150 works on hadith, history, biography, tafseer, poetry, and Shafi'ite jurisprudence. What is Bulugh al Maram? This collection of over 1000 hadith contain the hadith from which legal rulings have been formed in the Shaf'i school, and more widely it is regarded as a seminal collection of hadith regardless of school of thought. Currently we are studying the chapter, Kitab al Jami in which the hadith focus on the etiquette of society and interaction, which form the basis of a kind and caring society. Shaykh Haytham Tamim He is an expert and a holder of some of the highest Ijazas in Quran, Hadith (the Prophetic traditions) and Fiqh (Islamic rulings). His knowledge spans the main Islamic jurisprudence schools of thought and different Islamic denominations through highly advanced classical and religious texts. With 29 links in his chain, Shaykh Haytham's unbroken chain of scholarship goes back the…

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London, United Kingdom
women's tafsir class

Wednesday Tafseer Class

A friendly, weekly tafseer class with Shaykh Haytham Tamim At a glance Every Wednesday 10am-11.30am ONLINE via ZOOM. All classes are recorded. How much does it cost? This class is £10 per session. If you would like to attend please email: info@utrujj.org A study of Surat Al Anam Surat Al Anam is a Makki Surah, although it is one of the longer surahs, and most Makki surahs are quite short. It focuses on aqeedah, challenging the mind, status quo and culture and inviting people to reflect and look at practices and beliefs of forefathers and discussion and debate on the Prophet (peace be on him) and his people to put forward the truth in a logical manner. We see from this surah that the response was illogical. Even today we have the same response. The Prophet (peace be on him) was sad when he introduced the obvious shining truth and he was keen for people to embrace it and be saved and be happy in the akhirah but many denied it and were not interested. We will see how the Quran dealt with it. The Prophet (peace be on him) never gave up, even though there were very few people who accepted Islam in the first 13 years. Unusually the whole surah was revealed in one go. Most long surahs were revealed in pieces, whereas the majority of short surahs were revealed in one go. The surah has 165 verses, which means it is longer than Surat al Maidah which has 120 verses. Although it was revealed in Makkah it was revealed during the night at once. 70,000 angels were carrying it and filled the horizon, glorifying Allah through tasbih and tahmil, according to the narration. This means the revelation of it in one go would have been very heavy.…

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