The main focus of Utrujj, led by Shaykh Haytham Tamim is to develop a deep understanding of Islam and in so doing, improve one’s life and character.

This educational foundation has served the Muslim community in the UK since 2001, through hundreds of courses, seminars, weekend retreats and online lectures.

Utrujj the plural of the Utrujjah (orange) fruit, mentioned in the prophetic saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him):

‘The example of the believer who reads the Qur’an and applies it is like the ‘Utrujjah’ (a type of orange). It has a nice smell and a sweet taste.’ (Bukhari)

We wish to spread the fragrance of the message with the sweetness of its application by helping people improve their character and conduct.

We believe that we should ‘Learn, Love and Live Islam’ because one cannot understand without learning, one cannot love without understanding and one cannot truly live Islam without loving it.

Our aim is to promote goodness, tolerance and harmony, based on the Quran and prophetic teachings, and the betterment of individuals, families and communities.

In touch with reality

What distinguishes Utrujj is that it makes deep, sacred knowledge accessible, relevant and easy to understand.

Our focus is to empower students to improve their lives by helping them understand divine knowledge.

Utrujj connects our reality to centuries of learning, passed down through trusted and respected scholars.

Utrujj Foundation is a charity. Registered charity number 1196901. Contact: info@utrujj.org
Please find our Code of Conduct for students here.