Code of Conduct

To ensure we deliver our online courses well we would like to ask our students the following:

If you have a question, please wait for the designated Q&A session at the end, where we will address your queries.

We respectfully ask our students to keep their questions as brief as possible to ensure there is sufficient time to address them.

For the benefit of keeping the course timed and managed well, the chair will use a timer and may need to interrupt the student asking the question, if it exceeds beyond a reasonable time (90 seconds).

Should you require a follow up question or feel that your question requires a lengthy explanation, we ask that you allow other students to complete their initial questions before requesting yours.

If useful you can put your question in the chat where the host can ask the question to assist the Q&A process.

The host will do their best to ensure everyone is heard. However, it maybe that we are unable to address all the questions asked. This is so we can avoid delay and any subsequent commitments after the course of our Shaykh and fellow students.

You will be welcome to submit your questions via the chat or you could submit them to our email: info@utrujj.org. We endeavour to respond in the most suitable way where possible and as appropriate.

This might include a blog post where it could benefit a wider audience or directly within a class session where the topic is relevant. (The anonymity of the questioner would remain).

To help us to efficiently address your concerns, we kindly ask that you refrain from submitting questions via WhatsApp as the work can quickly become unmanageable.

We also kindly request that questions are not submitted directly to Shaykh Haytham or any of our volunteers on our personal phones. Messages sent directly cannot be responded to. (This is to ensure we can maintain effective management and don’t miss any communications inadvertently.)

We hope to improve our classes inshaAllah and we are grateful for your cooperation in helping us achieve this.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact us by email at info@utrujj.org.