Embody justice, goodness and generosity to others

Embody justice, goodness and generosity to others

Allah Almighty says,

God commands justice, and goodness, and generosity towards relatives. And He forbids immorality, and injustice, and oppression. He advises you, so that you may take heed. An-Nahl:90

This particular verse, Abdullah bin Mas’ud said, is the most comprehensive in the Quran.

It contains three commands and three prohibitions- justice (adl), goodness (ihsan) and generosity to relatives (eta dhil Qurba). It forbids immorality (fahsha’), evil (munkar) and oppression (baghi).

Justice is one of the most important principles in Islam. It’s a universal principle and among the seven categories who will have the shade of the throne on the day of judgement is the just ruler.

It is important to be just to your children, employees, siblings, friends, colleagues, and neighbours.

The formula for how to make your life full of goodness in dunya and akhirah is to be just.

Some scholars defined justice as following Allah’s commands and ihsan as supplementing this with voluntary actions. And also perfecting what you do, and being generous to relatives.

Meanwhile immorality is forbidden, in action or words, along with sins and oppression.

We ask Allah to enable us to live by His commands and to teach them. Ameen.

Shaykh Haytham Tamim


Shaykh Haytham Tamim is the founder and main teacher of the Utrujj Foundation. He has provided a leading vision for Islamic learning in the UK, which has influenced the way Islamic knowledge is disseminated. He has orchestrated the design and delivery of over 200 unique courses since Utrujj started in 2001. His extensive expertise spans over 30 years across the main Islamic jurisprudence schools of thought. He has studied with some of the foremost scholars in their expertise; he holds some of the highest Ijazahs (certificates) in Quran, Hadith (the Prophetic traditions) and Fiqh (Islamic rulings). His own gift for teaching was evident when he gave his first sermon to a large audience at the age of 17 and went on to serve as a senior lecturer of Islamic transactions and comparative jurisprudence at the Islamic University of Beirut (Shariah College). He has continued to teach; travelling around the UK, Europe and wider afield, and won the 2015 BISCA award (British Imams & Scholars Contributions & Achievements Awards) for Outstanding Contribution to Education and Teaching.