Jannah and Jahannam are choices

Jannah and Jahannam are choices

The word Zumar, from Surat Az-Zumar means ‘the crowds’, because Allah Almighty talks about two groups in this surah.

Those who disbelieved will be driven to Hell in crowds… And those who were mindful of their Lord will be led to Paradise in crowds.[39:71,73]

Who are the righteous people?

In another of the verses which we recited, Allah says:

‘The one who came with the truth and the one who embraced it—it is they who are the righteous.’ [39:73]

This is the group of Jannah. In the books of tafseer, the most common interpretation of this ayah is that it refers to the prophets (peace be on them), who came with the truth from Allah, and their followers, who accepted the truth. Some books say ‘the one who came with the truth’ refers to Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him), and ‘the one who embraced it’ refers to Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him), because the ayah uses the word ‘saddaqa’, meaning ‘embraced’ or ‘believed’, which is from the same root as his title, as-Siddiq. It could be, but the more general meaning is the dominant one.

Allah is the ultimate authority

As per previous ayahs, this is another ayah that addresses the issue of the truth. Truth from Allah, truth in delivery, truth in acceptance, truth in disseminating the message. All these lines have to come together to be among the people of Jannah.

The surah also talks about those who threaten you by their might and power. It reminds you that whatever they throw on you, Allah is the authority and the controller: in His hand is everything – so don’t be afraid of any of these threats. Of course you have to be careful, but don’t let them throw you off.

Punishment or blessings like you never imagined

In another part of the surah, Allah also mentions the dhalimoon, the oppressors. This is another topic that comes up again and again, especially in the Makki surahs. Here, Allah says:

If everything on Earth plus twice as much belonged to the oppressors, they would certainly offer it to ransom themselves from the horrible punishment on Judgment Day.[39:47]

This group will nave nothing to save them on the Day of Judgement. The ayah finishes with:

And they will see from Allah things they could never imagine.[39:47]

He is telling the oppressors that they keep denying and mocking the believers but they will see the horror they never expected.

On the other hand, He also states that believers will receive luxuries in Jannah that they have never dreamt of, while the disbelievers will receive severe punishment that they had never imagined could exist.

Jannah is a choice, Jahannam is a choice. You pay the consequences of your own choices. So be careful what you choose.

Shaykh Haytham Tamim – Ramadan Night 5

Transcribed by Hana Khan

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