Follow up a bad deed with a good deed

Follow up a bad deed with a good deed

Allah Almighty says,

And nothing has prevented Us from sending signs except that the former peoples denied them. And We gave Thamud the she-camel as a visible sign, but they wronged her. And We send not the signs except as a warning. Al-Isra:59

Allah Almighty is saying that He sent signs as warnings. This pandemic is a sign from Allah. It’s a very strong sign that something you can’t see and can’t fight, shoot or kill has confounded all the world’s leaders, politicians and scientists. They cannot do anything. Is it not a sign? A sign for what? It’s a warning.

Some people will take heed but others will not.

And We warn them, yet it adds nothing to them but enormous rebellion. Al-Isra:60

Unfortunately the more you warn some people the more they rebel. Instead of taking a step back to contemplate what they have done wrong, so they can rectify it, they plunge further into oppression, sins, delusion and deceit.

You should be mindful of the akhirah that any second you might leave this world, despite all the social distancing and face masks and gloves, you still might die for any reason.

This is a warning that you have the opportunity now to fix your life and shortcomings.

Allah is reminding us that those given their book in their right hand, will read their book and receive justice.

[Mention, O Muhammad], the Day We will call forth every people with their record [of deeds]. Then whoever is given his record in his right hand – those will read their records, and injustice will not be done to them, [even] as much as a thread [inside the date seed]. Al-Isra:71

You will be proud of the good things in your book and ashamed of the bad things. Now we have the opportunity to fix it.

Follow up a bad deed with a good deed.

Follow the bad deed with a good one to erase it, and engage others with beautiful character. (Tirmidhi)

So let’s do good deeds. Do something more charitable and sincere to get closer to Allah. Help someone in need. They maybe near you but you haven’t noticed them. They are in need but they do not beg. They might need your support the most. Search for them harder.

We ask Allah to make us understand His signs and become closer to Him and better. Ameen

Shaykh Haytham Tamim


Shaykh Haytham Tamim is the founder and main teacher of the Utrujj Foundation. He has provided a leading vision for Islamic learning in the UK, which has influenced the way Islamic knowledge is disseminated. He has orchestrated the design and delivery of over 200 unique courses since Utrujj started in 2001. His extensive expertise spans over 30 years across the main Islamic jurisprudence schools of thought. He has studied with some of the foremost scholars in their expertise; he holds some of the highest Ijazahs (certificates) in Quran, Hadith (the Prophetic traditions) and Fiqh (Islamic rulings). His own gift for teaching was evident when he gave his first sermon to a large audience at the age of 17 and went on to serve as a senior lecturer of Islamic transactions and comparative jurisprudence at the Islamic University of Beirut (Shariah College). He has continued to teach; travelling around the UK, Europe and wider afield, and won the 2015 BISCA award (British Imams & Scholars Contributions & Achievements Awards) for Outstanding Contribution to Education and Teaching.