Can I combine maghrib and isha during the Summer?

Can I combine maghrib and isha during the Summer?

During the Summer when Maghrib and Isha are very late and Fajr is just a few hours after Isha, many people struggle with praying on time. The best solution is to pray Maghrib and then pray Isha immediately after it (before Isha has started) and then go to sleep straightaway. Otherwise you will struggle to wake for Fajr.

This is based on the fatwa by the European Fatwa Council, who issued a fatwa permitting the combination of Maghrib and Isha prayers during the summer months due to the late timing of Isha, which can cause hardship for Muslims living in Europe. This ruling is based on the principle of alleviating difficulty and is supported by hadith where the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) combined prayers without specific reasons of fear or rain, indicating flexibility in prayer times to prevent hardship for the community.

Specifically, Dr. Khalid Hanafy of the European Council for Fatwa and Research stated that from May 18 to August 7, it is permissible to combine Maghrib and Isha due to the disappearance of the signs marking the beginning of Isha prayer time during the summer. This fatwa aims to facilitate ease for Muslims in countries where the late setting of the sun disrupts the regular prayer schedule, making it difficult to perform Isha at its proper time​ (العرب في بريطانيا – AUK)​​ (Edinburgh Central Mosque)​.

Additionally, the council’s decision, reaffirmed in its 12th Ordinary Session, emphasizes that combining these prayers helps avoid inconvenience and difficulty for Muslims living in the West​ (Edinburgh Central Mosque)​​ (المجلس الأوروبي للإفتاء والبحوث)​.

Shaykh Haytham Tamim 26th June 2023

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