Utrujj seeks to spread the positive message of peace, justice and love of Islam.
Our purpose is to convey authentic, sacred and balanced knowledge in an accessible way.
Ideal for those who have a desire to learn, improve themselves, and strengthen their bond with their Creator.

We believe in cultivating exemplary Islamic character to revitalise our communities and our country to be better citizens.
And promoting unity, co-operation and dialogue between Muslims and wider society, reflecting positively on the image of Islam.

Shaykh has a gentleness and knowledge that touches your heart. He inspires us to think deeply and reflect, but also to take action by following steps to purify the heart.

Testimonial Khami Miraf
Khami Miraf

Shaykh's knowledge and insight are rare and his delivery is exceptional. The exploration of the Quran and hadith is simple yet profound, insightful and yet practical. He gives us hope, hope to learn and live the reality of Islam.

Testimonial Abu Shama
Abu Shama

The spiritual high that I get from these classes can only be compared to the highs I get from Hajj and Umrah. The Shaykh is amazing in his delivery, content and sincerity.

Testimonial Anis Mallal
Anis Mallal