Why connect with Allah at a young age?

Why connect with Allah at a young age?

Girls Age 11+

Why is it important to focus on our relationship/connection with Allah Almighty as we grow up?

To *recognise* His blessings and give thanks: Allah is Our Creator and Sustainer

The first reason why anyone should connect with Allah is because He is Our Creator!

He is our Rabb (Caretaker, Nourisher, Sustainer). In fact, He created not just us but everything else in creation for us, so we can live and thrive. Just the sun alone is an enormous blessing. It gives us light and energy to work during the day, and sunshine to the plants to grow which in turn become food for cattle and in turn provide meat and poultry for us to eat.  He’s given us the night to rest, and seasons that change for animals to breed and hibernate and so on. He has managed all of that every day from the beginning of time and He will continue to do that till the end of time and thereafter.

Imagine not knowing who your mother is? Allah is greater than our mother and loves us even more than her, so as we grow up, we should take time to reflect, recognise and appreciate the blessings of Allah around us, and give thanks and remember Him.

To go to Jannah and be with Allah Almighty

The next reason we should connect with Allah is because we want to go to Jannah insha Allah and be with Allah who loves us sooo much.

This life will be over and then our new life will begin. But while this life might seem long, we are in this dunya for 70 years or even a 100 (if we have such a long life) but our new life will last an eternity. What will happen in the Akhirah? Before we enter Jannah, an accounting will happen. Allah Almighty will take account of all our choices and actions and put them on a scale. We will either be rewarded with Jannah if we have made the right choices or if we’ve made some bad choices but we’re still Muslims, we may get punished in the Hell-Fire before we enter Jannah or if we have really fallen off the track and made the wrong choices, the punishment is the Hell-Fire. Life is a test: Make the right choices 

Therefore, as we go through life, we want to make the choices that will take us to Jannah. In life, we will be faced with many choices and decisions. How do we know which decision is right? Should we go to the concert with our friends where there’s loud music and alcohol or should we stay the evening at home? We need to know what pleases Allah and displeases Him.

In difficult situations, we can learn to make dua and turn back to Allah and ask Him to guide us in the right direction. Sometimes the answer will be easy and other times it will be hard. He will always be there to guide us as long as we turn to Him.

To Obey Allah out of Love for Him 

The third reason to connect with Allah is that it is much easier to listen and obey to your parents when you love them or to be with your friend because you love her. Correct?

Example: imagine your mum’s birthday is coming up. You go out of your way to buy a present for her on Amazon or you badger your dad to take you to the shops so you can buy a present she will really like. The night before her birthday, you set up the house with balloons and confetti and decorate the table with her favourite treats.

Why would you go through all that trouble to please your mum? Because you love her.

Example: Imagine now when its time for your Salah. Do you feel the same way? Do you rush to your Salah because you want to spend time with Allah or is a salah a chore or task that we need to get done.

The more time we spend with Allah, through prayer, by trusting Him, understanding the Quran and thinking about the things He gave us, the more love we will develop in our hearts for Him. The more love we have for Him, the more we will want to do things to please Him and like this, our path to Jannah will become easier and easier.

Easier to do good deeds

Allah Almighty says in the Quran to believe and do good deeds. How do we feel about helping others? Mum, when she’s tackling a pile of dishes after dinner? Our friends when the need a hand with homework? Being kind to a friend when she’s feeling down?

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was a role model when it came to helping others. Starting from his home, he was the best to his family, his wives, his close friends. Out of the house, he was known to help the needy, feed the poor and be forgiving to those who hurt him.

When we understand who Allah is and why He created us, it becomes easier to do the good deeds He has asked us to do.

Take home points for Today

It is so important to build a relationship with Allah Almighty as you’re growing up in order to:

  1. To reflect, recognise and appreciate the blessings Allah has give us and give thanks to Him
  2. To go to Jannah and be with Allah Almighty   
  3. Easier to make the right choices in life
  4. To obey Allah out of love and knowledge of Him
  1. Easier to do good deeds

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