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Abu Shama

Abu Shama has a background in engineering, IT and management consultancy, and reinvented himself as a life coach, writer and secondary school teacher. In addition to his special interest in spirituality, he shares his son’s love of dinosaurs and Lamborghinis. He has published two uniquely beautiful books, The Blue Moon and Yunus and the Whale and has many others in the pipline mashallah.

thirsty for knowledge
in Reflections on Knowledge

Thirst for Knowledge

Thirst and Ambition to Seek Knowledge Knowledge is a vast ocean, and the seeker will never attain all of it. You should not be frustrated by the little you know, however this should not make...

October 24, 2018
relationship with Allah
in Q&A, Reflections on Knowledge

Why So Sad?

Why So Sad? O you who believe, do not be down-beat or in a state of despair. Allah fashioned you with His own Two Hands. He made you, but He is not in need of you,...

October 06, 2018