Free Booklet on The Prophet ‎Muhammad ﷺ The Lasting Miracle

Free Booklet on The Prophet ‎Muhammad ﷺ The Lasting Miracle

This booklet is a collection of my blogs on the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and how his character was a miracle, and this miracle has lasted beyond his death, as the perfect role model for all humanity for all time.

He is an inspiration and a role model and following his example, which has been meticulously documented and preserved for us, brings enormous benefits in this life and the next.

This booklet looks at the following aspects of his prophethood ﷺ.


  1. The Prophet (peace be upon him): a mercy to the world
  2. The Prophet’s (peace be upon him) physical attributes
  3. The Prophet’s (peace be upon him) character
  4. The maker of a new civilisation
  5. Following the Sunnah and showing your love of the Prophet (peace be upon him)
  6. Leadership

Shaykh Haytham Tamim

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