Culture vs Islam – Exposing Cultural Practices within Islam

Shaykh Haytham Tamim Weetwood Hall Hotel, Otley Rd, Leeds LS16 5PS Sunday 29th December 1pm - 6pm Tickets £20 Email: Info@utrujj.org From the moment we are born, till we die our lives and (our funeral rites themselves) reflect our culture. We follow a course that is heavily dictated by our cultural norms and upbringing. Our individual choices and expectations are subconsciously influenced by them. 💭 When we marry 💍 we often experience tensions 😤😖😫due to these expectations. How can we distinguish between which of our practices are cultural and which are based in Islam? 🤔 Which of the cultural practices are acceptable? 🙂 And which are not? 🤨 Islam is not against culture. But Islam is against oppression. Find out how to determine when you can accept culture and when you need to reject it. For an engaging and informative day see your life’s journey - and particularly the cultural practices within marriage- through a fresh lens. 🧐😀    

Fix your Salah. Nurture your Soul

Muslim World League 46 Goodge Street, London

The Prophetic Salah Feeling stressed, overloaded and under pressure? Learn to offload your burdens and gain clarity... Learn how to perform the prophetic salah. Salah is the highest form of worship, and our closest connection to Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala. Fix your Life. Fix your Salah. Come and nurture your soul at the first Utrujj Course of 2020. Join Shaykh Haytham Sat 8th  Feb at 4pm - 8.30pm Muslim World League, Goodge St, London. W1T 4LU Adult ticket Add to cart Student ticket Add to cart

Make the most of the Day of Arafah

Join Shaykh Haytham Tamim for a Special Online Session via Zoom with live Q&A at 5.30pm inshallah He will cover: 1. The completion of revelation 2. How to establish a real connection with Allah 3. How to give Allah preference in your life above all else And end with dua on the Most Blessed Day of the Year!   To join please email info@utrujj.org to obtain the link.

Eid Salah – online

Join Shaykh Haythtam Tamim at 10am for Eid salah online on Youtube          

Qiyam al Layl – Live online

Join Shaykh Haytham Tamim for Night Prayers Virtually 10.45pm Perform 4 rakahs with a short reminder from the Quran followed by witr. Live on YouTube   Instructions: Please pray Isha before joining the salah. Do not place the screen in front of you. Do not join the salah unless you are in the UK (same time zone). Ensure you recite surah Fatiha and continue praying if you lose connection. You may hold the Quran or follow the recitation on your phone during these rakahs, as they are not fard. If you have hold the Quran, ensure you have somewhere to place it when you bow down, like a chair, so that it is not put on the ground.  

Holiday with the Prophet ‎(peace be on him)

Recordings of Makkah Year (3 videos) £30 Add to cart   Recordings of the Madinah Years (4 videos) £35 Add to cart   Appropriate for teenagers to adults. Makkah Session 1: Introduction to the Seerah. The topography of Makkah. The social and political background and overview of the tribes. Why was the message sent to the Arabs? The Year of the Elephant. Session 2: The dreams preceding the birth of the Prophet (peace be on him), Amina, Abdul Mutalib, Halim Sadiya, his childhood, the opening of his chest, life as a shepherd, becoming a tradesman with Abu Talib, working for Khadija and marriage to her. Her children, taking in Ali and adopting Zaid, seclusion and revelation. Session 3: From the second revelation through five stages of dawah. Until the Siege. Madinah Session 1: Escape from Makkah. Migration to Madinah. The route from Makkah and the three days in the cave of Thawr with Abu Bakr (RA) Session 2: The first two years. Rulings- the divine commands, the sickness, pollution, the fortresses, the masjid, the new market place, Badr establishing a community through unity ... an eventful 2 years! Session 3: The battles of Uhud, Trench and Khayber Dealing with the challenges, forming alliances and facing treachery by other tribes. The remarkable story of Salman Farsi and the revelations during this period. What will you learn: Re-live the events of his life and his experiences. Key lessons Who is this for? Perfect for teens to elders. Don't miss out! This is your chance to spend this holiday with the Prophet (peace be on him). An overview of the entire Seerah of the Prophet (peace be on him) with Shaykh Haytham Tamim. Experience the highs and lows and feel history come to life in your home.