Ramadan 2020

Ramadan Mubarak from all of us at Utrujj.

We pray that you have a blessed month and that and your families are keeping safe and well. We pray that those who are sick will be granted shifa soon, and that those who have passed away are granted the status of shaheed. Ina lilahi ina elahi rajioon.

We will be offering the following online events to feed your souls and refresh your connection with Allah Almighty:

LIVE DUA AT IFTAR – every evening, ten minutes before Maghrib on Shaykh Haytham Tamim’s YouTube channel.

LIVE TARAWIH PRAYERS – every night at 10pm on Shaykh Haytham Tamim’s YouTube channel.

Please subscribe to the channel to join YouTube events, and obey the following tarawih instructions:

If you wish, you may pray tarawih behind Shaykh Haytham from your home.
• You need to subscribe to the YouTube channel.
• Pray Isha prior to joining the Tarawih prayer.
• Recite Surah Fatiha behind the imam.
• There will be 8 rakahs. (Starting from Surah Yunus on Day 1)
• You should NOT place the screen in front of you when you are praying.
• You should be in the same time zone as the salah.
• You can only join live – not afterwards with a recording.
• If you become disconnected for any reason, continue the salah by yourself.

THIS FATWAH ONLY APPLIES TO NAWAFIL PRAYERS DURING THIS EXCEPTIONAL TIME. It is not permissible to follow a jammah in this way in ordinary times.

This is due to the fact we have exceptional circumstances, and the masajid are closed, and this is not a fard salah, but a nawafil. For these reasons, at this time when many of us may feel disconnected, Shaykh Haytham will be following a Malki opinion that it is possible to join him in this salah from your home, (by yourself or with your family in jammah).

May Allah forgive us and enable us to pray together as an ummah again. Ameen.

THE WEEKEND CONNECTION – every Saturday at 4pm on Zoom. Please contact us directly on Instagram or Facebook if you would like the link.

DAILY ADKHAR – for the start and end of each day. Recited by Shaykh Haytham Tamim, with Arabic and English translation.


Please support us to support you

During these difficult times our scholars, and more specifically our Shaykh, is working continuously to serve us and feed our souls during this testing time. Please do support us through your duas and donations at this difficult time. We have been providing a great deal of free content throughout this time. Donate Here.


Our regular weekly content will continue through Ramadan too:

Ladies Tafsir – Wednesday 10-11.30am

Youth Halaqa – Thursday 8pm

Fortnightly Watford Hadith Class – Sunday 12-2pm

Hadith Qudsi recorded online videos – 1 per week