Suicide in Islam

Suicide is prohibited in the Quran And do not kill the self that Allah has prohibited, except with the truth (i.e., by right, in the course of justice). [6:151] Allah Almighty sanctified our soul, so we are forbidden to kill it. The only time He sanctioned killing it is in the pursuit of justice. In another ayah, Allah Almighty said: And do not kill yourselves for Allah is most merciful towards you, And whoever does that out of hostility and wrongdoing, We will cast him into a fire and that is easy for Allah Almighty. [4:29-30] It is very clear from these verses that Allah Almighty is saying that you are forbidden to kill yourself or anyone else. Suicide is prohibited in the sunnah The sunnah confirms this prohibition in many narrations. Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Whoever purposely throws himself from a mountain and kills himself, will be in the (Hell) Fire falling down into it and abiding therein perpetually forever; and whoever drinks poison and kills himself with it, he will be carrying his poison in his hand and drinking it in the (Hell) Fire wherein he will abide eternally forever; and whoever kills himself with an iron weapon, will be carrying that weapon in his hand and stabbing his abdomen with it in the (Hell) Fire wherein he will abide eternally forever. (Bukhari) There is a similar narration with some different wordings in Sahih Muslim as well. Suicide by any means is haram  ‏ Abu Hurairah,who came to Islam in the 7th year of Hijri, which was the year the Battle of Khaybar took place, perhaps even a couple of months after he just accepted Islam, said: We witnessed the Battle of Khaybar (in Muslim it says Battle of Hunayn). Allah’s … Continue reading Suicide in Islam