#Glorify the Word of Allah

#Glorify the Word of Allah   Say NO to Ferrari tarawihs! The time has come for the ummah to rise up against the annual scourge of fast-paced recitations in some masjids across the world. At the time of year when people most yearn for a deep spiritual experience, some mosques are doing a disservice to worshippers AND to the Words of Allah Almighty. The danger of such tarawihs is that tradition is destroyed and people are disconnected from the Qur’an, particularly when they have come seeking Allah’s pleasure. From every angle such recitation is wrong. That is why it is haram. The Unbroken oral Preservation of Allah’s Word   The Qur’an was revealed by Allah Almighty to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) by Angel Jibrael and the Prophet (peace be on him) would recite it back to Jibreel until he had perfected the recitation of the divine words. The Prophet (peace be on him) would then recite the verses to his companions in exactly the same manner. And they would recite it back to him until they too had perfected it. This has formed the chain of transmission through the generations spanning back centuries. The method of transmission from the deliverer (talqeen) and to the receiver (talaqqi). In Ramadan shuyukh recite the Qur’an to their students and community who receive it from them. This is known as talqeen. This is one of the ways in which we kept the Qur’an fresh authentic and accurate. While the actual letters are unchanged in our Holy Book, our oral tradition preserves the very sound of the words which were revealed. The Destruction of the Oral Preservation If we deliver it in a speedy recital without the consideration of tajweed and the proper pronunciation we are meant to receive it, this is not the Qur’an which was revealed to … Continue reading #Glorify the Word of Allah