The Importance of Honouring Your Word

Whether it is a child or a politician, the importance of honesty and integrity is the bedrock of a productive and successful society. When honesty is lacking from our leaders and absent in society, we risk failure in every sphere of life.  A Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hands the Muslims are safe; and the believer (Mumin) is the one whom people can trust with their money and their souls. (Tirmidhi) Honour your Word and Fulfil your Trust In surah Muminoon and others Allah Almighty teaches us that believers keep their promises and covenants (amanah) and do not betray the trust of others. This is the essential foundation for all relationships, transactions and society. The Prophet (peace be on him) was trying to build a community on principles of trust, safety, support and cooperation, and so there are plenty of Quranic verses and narrations of the Prophet (peace be on him) which talk about the severity of the punishment of betrayal. The betrayer on the Day of Judgement will have his betrayal publicly exposed: Every traitor will have a banner on the Day of Resurrection and it will be said: This is the betrayer of so-and-so. (Bukhari) Consequently, it is imperative to honour covenants, and commitments to the extent that we have to honour our pact even with an enemy, even in a war zone. Hence, the Prophet (peace be on him) advised his companions on expeditions, not to betray anyone. Spread Trust and Be a Good Example As this concept is so fundamental, we should train our families and children and our community to honour their word. Lead by example. Instead of lecturing, we should understand the principle and apply it ourselves. If someone knocks on your door and say to your son, ‘Tell them I’m … Continue reading The Importance of Honouring Your Word