Grazing around the boundaries of haram. Knowing the halal, haram and doubtful

The halal and haram are clear (bayyin) The Prophet (peace be on him) made it very clear what is halal and haram. Clarity was his trademark. Hence Allah Almighty said: ‘We never sent a messenger but in the language of his own people to clarify the truth for them.’ (14:4) Clarity is key. As the road map for every Muslim in this life has to be clear, knowing what is halal and haram has been clearly defined for us. The list of what is haram is not long at all. It is a very short list. In the beginning of Surah Maidah Allah Almighty has listed the 10 prohibitions of what not to eat. The list is finite and we have some additions from the Sunnah. Whatever is not on the haram list is halal. You don’t need to memorise what is halal. It is everything else which is not haram. According to the colloquial proverb, Arabs say even cats know what is halal or haram. When you offer them a piece of meat, they eat it in front of you, but when they steal the meat, they run away with it, because they know it is haram. Allah Almighty said:  ‘O (you) Messengers! Eat of the tayyibat (all kinds of halal (legal) foods), and perform righteous deeds.’ (23:51) Halal and haram extends beyond food and drink to financial transactions, riba, and adultery. Many people however shut their eyes and ears to what is haram and just carry on indulging in the haram – whether it is food or business or pleasure. However Allah Almighty taught us to seek the halal. This is very important because the more haram we are immersed in, the further we move from Allah’s love and mercy. Until we reach a point where our dua … Continue reading Grazing around the boundaries of haram. Knowing the halal, haram and doubtful