Fixing broken families – where are you on the tranquility-o-metre?

Love is the fortress for our children   And among His signs that He created for you, from among yourselves mates, to dwell with them in tranquillity and He put love and mercy among you. In that there are signs for those who reflect. (30:21) We all know this ayah it is recited at every wedding and at walimas and as we enter the summer holidays, it is wedding season. During the Summer the children are at home, and many are in the midst of their wedding preparations. Tranquility is the core of the home In this ayah, Allah Almighty is addressing a very important issue – sakeena, which is tranquillity. The purpose, beyond marriage, is not just to have a family, but also to have tranquillity in the family structure. The presence of absence of sakeena which Allah Almighty is addressing here can make or break your marriage, as well as your children, who are the offspring, or the outcome of the marriage. When a marriage is well-established, on a good base,with strong pillars, and strong principles then what follows is fruitful and beneficial Insha’Allah, and vice versa. Increased youth crime I am addressing this issue because crimes are increasing not decreasing every day. Unfortunately, we hear about a stabbing here and a stabbing there and many youngsters are involved. How did they get into that in the first place? The government started research into this a few years back, and one of the main conclusions that they came up with, which is not rocket science, is that this is the result of broken families. These children lack the comfort and tranquillity that should be in their home. They receive no love inside the house, no care, no understanding, and no education. This pushes them outside their home to … Continue reading Fixing broken families – where are you on the tranquility-o-metre?