Block the 3 windows of Shaytan

Getting a grip on Anger, Fear and Sadness Is shaytan more powerful than us or not? Shaytan has the ability to disappear, but you don’t. He can take different shapes but you can’t. He can see you, but you can’t see him. He can influence you, but you can’t influence him. He can come and whisper to you. He can ruin anything you are doing. Without doubt he is powerful. The jinn can also fly. They get from one place to another in a flash. They move things. For instance, in the story of Suleiman (peace be on him), the jinn were so powerful they built palaces and fortresses effortlessly. Among them are giants, as well as normal sized ones and smaller ones. They have different powers. While we need planes to travel long distances, they don’t. They travel very quickly and don’t need visas. Shaytan’s promise and success Shaytan promised Allah Almighty that he would incite people to change their appearances: “And I will mislead them, and I will entice them, and I will prompt them to slit the ears of cattle, and I will prompt them to alter the creation of God.” Whoever takes Satan as a lord, instead of God, has surely suffered a profound loss. (4:119) We see this ayah in action today, as shaytan commands people to change their form, and succeeds in this mission through beautification, botox, plastic surgery and so on. These all alter the creation of Allah Almighty. Shaytan has fulfilled his promise. In return Allah Almighty says: Over My servants you have no authority, except for the sinners who follow you. (15:42) With all the power I have given you, my servants you have no control over them, except those who decide to follow you. Therefore with all his powers, and … Continue reading Block the 3 windows of Shaytan