ALONE in a crowd.’ Reflections on Umrah

Being Alone with Allah During my recent umrah, a couple of verses kept playing in my mind, and one of these verses was: And each one will come to Allah on the Day of Resurrection alone. (Maryam 19:95) Ironically, when you do tawaf and saee, you have plenty of people around you, but on the Day of Judgement when you meet Allah Almighty, you are completely and utterly alone. The second ayah that played in my mind was: If they had done what they had been commanded to do, it would have been better for them. (4:66) These verses are very linked. Alone When Allah Almighty says each one will come alone, the word he uses for alone is farda, which occurs twice in  Surah Maryam and once in Surah Anbiya when Zakariya (peace be on him) supplicated to Allah not be left alone: And [mention] Zakariya, when he called to his Lord, ‘My Lord, do not leave me alone [with no heir], while you are the best of inheritors.’ (21:89) The idea of being by yourself is scary. Extremely scary. In Surah Baqarah, Allah Almighty says: Be fearful of a day when you shall return to Allah and you will receive your reward fully for what you have done and you won’t be wronged (2:281) Even though we often live in a crowd, some people are living in isolation. But here, Allah Almighty is drawing our attention to the fact that though we live among so many people in dunya, our reality on the most important day of our lives, is that we will be alone – farda with just our deeds. And there will be no translator between us and Allah Almighty: There is none of you but Allah Almighty will speak to him. There is no translator between … Continue reading ALONE in a crowd.’ Reflections on Umrah