The Five Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam

Samia Ahmed has written a engaging presentation designed for children. In this presentation, Samia simplifies the Five Pillars of Islam, making them accessible for children. From the Shahada to the Hajj, young learners will embark on an adventure of discover facts, with vibrant visuals. The presentation came be used as teaching resource to ignite curiosity and help children understand the essence of Islam in a way that’s educational and eye opening.

Download the powerpoint presentation here:


Samia Ahmed is the founder of Blossoming Believers, a project focused on engaging children in learning about Islam through teaching and children’s books and resources. With a background in education and extensive involvement in organisations like the Utrujj Foundation and Islamic Relief, Samia has produced educational materials for schools, delivered assemblies, and co-written publications. She holds a Masters in Islamic Studies. Samia’s goal is to create books for children that promote life skills based on Islamic teachings, making Islam simple and relevant to modern-day challenges.