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Teen Girls Well being Retreat



In the Name of Allah, Most Kind Most Merciful

Peace and blessings be upon His Final Messenger Muhammad, his family and companions. Ameen.

Welcome to the 2018 IGirls’ Wellbeing Retreat!

What does it feel like to be at peace?

How can we manage our thoughts when we feel lost in the flurry of emotions, changes and challenges inside ourselves and all around us?

How can we love Allah and be the best possible version of ourselves- confident, creative, balanced and oozing with positive energy?

The Girls’ Well being Retreat was born out of a desire to give our girls the very best in life, to instil those skills and experiences which they are heavily deprived of and are coming at a cost to their well being. They get a heavy academic influence but how is their heart looked after?

We are responsible for our hearts and  and it guides us how to love Allah, how to love ourselves and how to love others. Or, in other words, connecting with the healing powers of the Qur’an, managing our mental health through mindfulness and an introduction to the lifelong art of self-care. How can we begin this journey of thriving and growth when we barely know ourselves? How do we migrate from a state of surviving the world  to a state of mindfulness?

Spirituality- Mindfulness- Well being

This 3-day, 2- night retreat will be an exclusive opportunity for the girls to learn the art of disconnecting from turbulence, tasting the sweetness of tranquillity and connecting with themselves. Set in the stunning Norfolk countryside, just 2 hours from London, with one of only 200 chalk springs in the world, there is a carefully crafted programme of workshops, fun indoor and outdoor activities, sports and teamwork challenges to rejuvenate and inspire creativity- the ultimate way to nurture the love of Allah

This is enveloped by a holistic and nurturing approach to promote deep self-awareness, healthy living and collective prayer. We will be addressing aspects of physical health, spiritual and emotional well being as our first steps towards supporting the well being of next generation of girls.

The retreat facility is eco-friendly and we will be providing 3 halal meals a day, with the possibility of locally-sourced food and water on tap direct from the chalk stream. All the rooms have an en-suite facility and are boutique rooms.

The instructors are both DBS- cleared and highly professional with expertise in the latest health and well being sciences, alongside being mothers of daughters in this age range (9- 14 years).

‘Ali(RA): “The two greatest blessings are health and faith.”

We believe that our children are our best investment.

We believe that instilling good habits early is easier than undoing bad habits later that become who we are.

We believe that self-care is the lost art of well being right through to old age, the secret of self-esteem and thriving success across all aspects of life. It is the art of valuing oneself and nurturing oneself. It is the art that becomes a part of worship when we become beautiful, vibrant and strive for perfection. Perfection (ihsan) is irresistible in the love it inspires from people and reflects gratitude to the Creator, Who loves to see the fruits of His favours on His servants.

We hope you will join us on this wondrous journey of self-discovery, tranquillity and fun!


Dr.Saania Baig

GP, NLP Master Practitioner and health coach, functional and lifestyle medicine practitioner

Mother of 4, including 2 girls

Mrs.Henrietta Szovati

International life coach, founder of the Barefoot Institute and author of “Heart Smart”

Homeschooling parent

Mother of two, including one preteen girl


West Lexham Manor, Norfolk




16-26 girls maximum

There may be a limited capacity for mothers or children who are not directly in the age category, but first priority will be given to girls. Please consult with us if you are considering attending, we might be able to offer some places

Total cost:

£250, including meals and all facilities

(Please note, full fee must be paid 1 month before teh retreat date)

£25 non-refundable deposit to secure your space to be made payable to Higher Health London Ltd with your daughter’s name as a reference by 15 June to the following account

Acc 75542234

Sortcode 51-61-34


Saania 07737943017 via text or whatsapp for more information or to request a registration form.

Utrujj Youth

 On behalf of Utrujj Youth, we would like to welcome you to the first ever retreat for girls. Utrujj Youth endeavours to inspire young people to learn, love and live Islam through indulging their creativity and promoting their holistic well being.



August 28


August 30

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