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Tarawih 2022 – Live and Online


Join Shaykh Haytham Tamim for Night Prayers Live or Online

EVERY NIGHT inshallah 9.45pm – 10.45pm

Address: 129 Salusbury Rd, London NW6 6PE

Doors will be open at 9:30 and closed at 10:00. Late comers will not be allowed in.

8 rakah Salah with a short reminder from the Quran followed by witr and dua.

Live on YouTube


Following adhan Shaykh prays 4 rakahs fard Isha, DO NOT follow this livestreamed. Pray Isha by yourself, followed by the 2 rakahs sunnah. Then join the tarawih salah. 

•Do not place the screen in front of you.

•You may join the salah from anywhere in the world as long as it is before Fajr.

•Ensure you recite surah Fatiha behind the imam.

•Continue praying by yourself if you lose connection and complete the salah.

Permissibility for praying live-streamed

This year our mosques are open for tarawih, and it is the sunnah to pray the tarawih in congregation. Anyone who is able to and wants to should pray in the masjid.

However, as we still have exceptional circumstances, with a global pandemic that has already claimed millions of lives worldwide, people are still vulnerable and susceptible to catching the virus and spreading the virus.

If anyone finds the prospect of attending tarawih in the masjid difficult, for instance they are worried that they may fall sick, or that they may spread the virus to others, or that they are otherwise unable to go to the masjid, they have the option to follow the tarawih online.

Undoubtedly it is preferable to pray tarawih in the masjid. There is more reward and it is the sunnah. However, as it is a sunnah salah, not a fard, there is some flexibility on this matter. The Prophet (peace be on him) used to pray sunnah on his camel sometimes, but never the fard.

Therefore, it is permissible in my opinion and that of many renowned scholars to follow a livestreamed sunnah salah, but not the fard. Other scholars disagree with this, and I respect their opinion.

Is it permissible to join tarawih salah livestreamed?

Full fatwa in Arabic by Shaykh Nizam Yaquby on the permissibility of online tarawih.

Is it permissible to hold the mushaf (Quran) while praying?

How many rakahs should I pray for tarawih


April 1, 2022 @ 9:30 pm


May 2, 2022 @ 10:30 pm
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