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Umm Hana has been studying with Shaykh Haytham Tamim since 2013 when she was inspired by the irresistible combination of spirituality and common sense, and desire to promote social justice, peace, harmony and tolerance.

is alcohol haram in islam
in Quran Blog

Is Alcohol Haram in Islam?

What are the rulings about Alcohol in Islam? It is unthinkable for governments today to ban alcohol. The US tried it in the 1920s but found prohibition created a new wave of problems than those...

November 22, 2018
diseases of the heart
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(2:74) How to Soften the Heart

Healing the Diseases of the Heart What causes a heart to become hard? What are the consequences  of a hard heart? And what are the remedies to soften the heart, revive it and bring it...

November 15, 2018
avoiding hasad
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(4:32) Hasad: How to Avoid Envy

Beware the Green-Eyed Monster Do not covet something in which Allah has made some of you superior to others. For men there is a share of what they earned, and for women there is a...

October 09, 2018